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Holiday Stress Solutions! — December 1, 2018

Timely Topics Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a fun time of social and family gatherings, great food and exchanging gifts ! They can also be a stressful time of travel, too many commitments, and too many dietary temptations The key seems to be not overcommitting ourselves and not overindulging in sweets, junk food and alcohol.

If we can maintain a good work / life balance and practice practice moderation, we can get through the holidays without stress and avoid that post holiday hangover.

  1. Try not to make too many commitments to family and friends. Listen to your body and get enough rest, the beginning of winter is a Yin time to replenish ourselves.
  2. If possible Keep your regular exercise routine through the holidays. Schedule massage and acupuncture for wellness care and stress management!
  3. Practice moderation. Even though the holidays can be filled with special treats and few extra glasses of wine, be conscious of your diet and try to make healthy choices.

Here is one of my favorite healthy holiday recipes, I hope you enjoy it!

Butternut Squash, Carrot and Corn Soup, this is a delicious, warming and healthy soup that makes a perfect first course for holiday meals, or it can be served as a stand alone meal as well. This soup is highly nutritious and loaded with anti-oxidant Carrotenoids. It is warming in nature and healing for the digestion. Yellow and Orange are the color of the Spleen in Chinese Medicine, and this soup is a hearty Spleen tonic that will strengthen digestive Qi. Serves 4-6 people.

Start with one Butternut Squash
4-5 carrots
A bag of frozen corn(or fresh corn when available)
A small white onion or shallot and several green onions
1-2 Zucchini
Optional; Fresh Goat Cheese

Butternut Squash, carrot and corn soup Ingredients

Chop up the butternut squash and carrots into small- medium cubes/pieces Cover in water and bring to a boil, when water is boiling, cut to a simmer and let simmer for 20min, mashing up the squash and veggies as they get soft. While squash and carrots are simmering, add minced shallot/onion to a skillet and saute till golden brown. Slice the Zucchini. After 20-30 minutes mash up the squash and carrots into a fine broth, almost like a puree, and add the onions in. Then add the corn and the Zucchini and simmer for another 15 min. Add finely mined green onion and salt and pepper to taste. Let sit for one hour for flavors to "marry". Optional: Serve with fresh, crumbled Goat cheese on top and enjoy!

Butternut Squash, carrot and corn soup

We'd love to hear from you ! Let us know how you like the soup and please get in touch to schedule a wellness care/ stress management acupuncture treatment this holiday season.

Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season!

Fall Immune Support — October 1, 2018

In Chinese medicine traditions fall is the metal season, the season that is most often challenging to the lungs. As we had an especially smokey summer season, we may face greater risk of respiratory problems this fall like colds, flus and bronchitis. Fortunately acupuncture and herbal medicine can help strengthen the lungs and boost the immune system. Adding in daily doses of herbal formulas such as Herb Pharm's Daily Immune Builder, which has Echinacea, Astralagus, Reishi mushroom and Schisandra Berry, can help prevent colds and flus before they start. If a bad cough sets in, the Pekana remedies Apo-Tuss (dry cough) or Apo-Pulm (wet cough), can usually resolve it within days. People often ask if acupuncture can treat cold's and flus. My general rule of thumb is that in the first few days the best approach is just to rest, once the immune system has gotten the upper hand and the infection is trending better, acupuncture can be VERY effective at speeding up the healing process, quickly resolving the condition and preventing it from lingering for weeks. Using these approaches should help prevent colds and flus from taking hold, and if they do take hold, at the least resolve them quickly without having to use Anti-Biotics.