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Fall Immune Support

In Chinese medicine traditions fall is the metal season, the season that is most often challenging to the lungs. As we had an especially smokey summer season, we may face greater risk of respiratory problems this fall like colds, flus and bronchitis. Fortunately acupuncture and herbal medicine can help strengthen the lungs and boost the immune system. Adding in daily doses of herbal formulas such as Herb Pharm's Daily Immune Builder, which has Echinacea, Astralagus, Reishi mushroom and Schisandra Berry, can help prevent colds and flus before they start. If a bad cough sets in, the Pekana remedies Apo-Tuss (dry cough) or Apo-Pulm (wet cough), can usually resolve it within days. People often ask if acupuncture can treat cold's and flus. My general rule of thumb is that in the first few days the best approach is just to rest, once the immune system has gotten the upper hand and the infection is trending better, acupuncture can be VERY effective at speeding up the healing process, quickly resolving the condition and preventing it from lingering for weeks. Using these approaches should help prevent colds and flus from taking hold, and if they do take hold, at the least resolve them quickly without having to use Anti-Biotics.