Robert Weinstein at Sourcepoint Seattle Acupuncture is available for appointments and taking the required steps listed on the page below to prevent the spread of Covid 19 to keep our clients safe and healthy during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Covid -19 Info

We are currently open and treating clients. As Washington State begins to re-open it’s economy we are are committed to creating a clean, safe clinic space for healing and relaxation. We are currently taking the following steps to prevent the spread of Covid 19 and keep our clients safe and healthy during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

  1. To enter our office space all patients must attest to be free from any possible Covid 19 symptoms and free from known exposure to anyone with a positive test or symptoms, for at least 14 days.
  2. Both myself, staff and all clients will wear surgical face masks at all times in the office unless the face or jaw requires direct treatment. Additionally All clients must wash their hands directly before entering the office
  3. We are limiting Patients to maximum of 3-4 per day for the foreseeable future, with at least one hour between clients to clean and disinfect the treatment room between patients.
  4. Fresh linens are used for each client, all office surfaces, lap top, pens, phone and doors are cleaned in between each client. Credit cards will be sterilized with alcohol wipes.
  5. We are maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and practicing strict hygiene outside our clinic as well.
  6. We will close the clinic for at least 14 days if I have a positive Covid 19 test any/or Covid 19 symptoms.

We make a commitment to our clients and community to provide a safe, clean acupuncture clinic space during the Pandemic so our community can continue to receive acupuncture treatment. We promise to take every possible precaution to keep our clientele and staff free from Covid -19 during this chaotic and challenging time.

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