Robert Weinstein of Sourcepoint Acupuncture in the Seattle Eastlake neighborhood creates custom flower essences to suit individual patient needs. Sourcepoint Acupuncture is available for appointments and taking the required steps to prevent the spread of Covid 19 to keep our clients safe and healthy during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Flower Essences for Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Flower Essences are a special branch of herbal medicine made from flowers. Based on the energetic vibration of flowers, they were originally invented by the English herbalist Edward Bach in the early part of the 20th century. Flower Essences are very gentle and are widely used by many practitioners to help treat emotional and spiritual issues and imbalances, and they can also contribute to physical health and well-being.

Bach’s original 38 English Flowers Essences are the classic set of flower remedies, the most famous is “Five Flower Formula” also known as Rescue Remedy, commonly used for emotional shock and stress. But companies like Flower Essence Services (FES)in Nevada City, California have added over 100 North American Flowers that can be used to treat a wide variety of emotional imbalances. Robert has been using Flower Essence therapy in his acupuncture clinic for almost 20 years and is skilled at creating custom formula combinations to address complex emotional issues.

For example, some of the most commonly used Bach flowers are Gentian for discouragement, Gorse for depression, and White Chestnut for overthinking and hyperactive mental states. FES flowers include Bleeding Heart for sadness from break up or death of someone close, and Joshua Tree for breaking unhealthy ancestral patterns.

A common combination Robert uses for clients working through stressful relationship issues is Holly to open the heart, Willow for forgiveness and flexibility, and Calendula for healing communication. This formula can work as a kind of “Love Potion” to ease relationship conflict and revitalize relationships.

Flower Essences are safe and gentle and make an excellent addition to acupuncture and other herbal treatments. To inquire about a custom formula contact Robert at robert @, or 206-954-0609.

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