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Happy Chinese New Year Feb 12 2021
The Year of The Metal Ox Begins !

According to Chinese astrology The Metal OX year 2021 is a more mellow easy going Yin year than the previous activated Yang Rat year of 2020. The OX is hardworking, responsible, reliable and practical, much like Taurus in western astrology. Themes of the OX year include hard work and reliability paying off, dependability, diligence, persistence, and honesty. The Snake and the Rooster are in the triangle of affinity with the OX and will have the most favorable years in the OX year!

The OX is methodical, slow moving hard working animal, slowly consistently moving toward your goals can pay off big in the OX year, but events and Markets may move more slowly and methodically than the previous year. Please see the following excerpt from well known Feng Shui expert and Chinese astrologer Lillian Pearl Bridges from her 2021 forecast.

"The overall outlook for the year is positive, especially towards the latter part of the year. Harvest comes in the summer and fall months, which also correspond to the elements of the year. So there is hope that life will get better in many ways for many people as the year progresses. Life will feel more peaceful and less stressful, but this year requires patience. Forward movement will be mostly slow going toward desired and more ideal outcomes in the future. There will still be some restrictions on growth and movement, but these will lessen. Yin Metal will make people and governments more efficient and subtly more productive so that by the end of the year there will be incremental achievements that together will amount to something more substantial.

Yin Metal is symbolized by jewelry, particularly precious metals and gems, along with coins. This will lead to a desire to adorn with jewelry again and may lead to a renewed interest in collecting coins or investing in Gold and Silver. Perhaps new caches of ancient coins or jewelry or other artifacts will be discovered due to the combination of Yin Metal and Yin Earth. These treasures would be things that have become shallowly buried and finally have the right circumstances to come to light. A new variation of Yin Metal would be Cryptocurrency and the energies of the year should help increase interest in it or regulation of it. Interestingly, the decentralized aspect of its exchange is given benefit by Yin Earth."

Chinese Astrologer Lillian Pearl Bridges

Chinese Astrologer Gregory David Done of Tiger’s Play Astrology has written extensively on the Metal OX Year and I highly recommend his analysis. His take on the Metal OX is one of the funniest, most insightful and well written I have ever read on Chinese Astrology.

"Ox is uninterested in high, eloquent, profound teachings but exemplifies ordinary, ordinary, ordinary – impermanence, suffering, karma, and the preciousness of human birth - very boring and depressing to contemplate, but simple, basic, fundamental and holds immense power. A Non-conceptual approach and practice is also deeply empowered, and meditation retreats are very auspicious. Sit-walk, sit-walk, sit-walk…very OX. Ox also highly values the three R's - respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness; my teacher would add gratitude.

This is a Year to honor, venerate, and study the “ways of the elders.” Traditions have, by and large, failed in America, and they are dying out all over the world. They must of course be edited/updated to suit the place and time, but rather than throw out lineage and take spiritual advice from random people on internet forums, perhaps we can support tradition this year in their own terms so that they don’t die out for good. Monasteries, churches, shedras, hermitages, mosques, temples, synagogues, etc., – established institutions of traditional learning – offer them humility and support. "

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